Robin Milner, 1934--2010

An obituary has appeared in the Times. I believe others will appear shortly.



LaTiKi, a Wiki for LaTeX

Stuart Beard has been developing LaTiKi, a Wiki for LaTex, as a UG4 project under my supervision. He writes as follows:
I am pleased to announce that LaTiKi is now available as a public beta.

LaTiKi accepts LaTeX syntax as input rather than the wiki syntax that is standard across many wiki implementations. This Wiki enables LaTeX users to collaborate on papers, edit, and track each paper. It is entirely based upon the open-source and widely used platform MediaWiki. I am looking for interested users to contribute, try out how well the system works and how useful the system really is. I also hope that any major underlying bugs are identified.

I have prepared a sandbox wiki with some of Philip Wadler's papers on the site to demonstrate how the system works. Note that to be able to edit papers on the sandbox you MUST sign up to the site and confirm your email address. This is available at http://www.stuartbeard.com/wiki.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

If any readers are interested in this project and would like to do a similar thing with their own papers then a tarball is available at http://www.stuartbeard.com/projects.

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