Children Cheering Carpet

I saw the show by Teatro di Piazza o d'Occasione with my family on Wed 25 May, as part of the Edinburgh's Children Festival.

Children Cheering Carpet is a children's show about a Japanese garden, where the role of the garden is played by an interactive device consisting of (a) an array of touch sensors arranged under a white carpet on the floor and (b) a display projector aimed at the carpet (c) sound system and (d) a Macintosh laptop to run it all. Children were invited on to it and treated to various effects: making music by leaping from stone to stone, chasing flowers drifting across the surface, running to clump together on a leaf. Adam and Leora (age 6) were enthralled, and so were the older children and the adults. For me, it was an insight into a completely different way to interact with computers.

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