I had a phone call from Peri Hankey, urging me to look at his programming language, called languagemachine. It looks rather idiosyncratic to me, and doesn't seem to have much bearing on Links.

Idiosyncratic to whom?

I suppose the relevance is really that, like Links, the language machine is analytic, which - for me at least - makes it really interesting.

Moreover it's just a little bit `dirty' in a way that is good in that it allows you to inline imperative programming logic inside the rules, and generally get at its innards.

This means that unlike a `pure' or `clean' notation, it's more hackable since There is More Than One Way To Do It (TM) - which gives you expressive power and flexibility.

I think Peri's work is definitely worth taking a look at if you're programming in D or are tired of hand coding several thousand line lexers and parsers.
d'oh, I've just realised the source of the confusion (mine certainly) - `Link grammar' is an analytic grammar theory (as opposed to a generative grammar) which does of course have no bearing on `Links' and AJAX framework...
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