O'Reilly History of Programming Languages Poster

What it says on the tin. Haskell is the green line near the bottom, just above SML and Caml, and just below Scheme.

No plankalk├╝l? No ISWIM connecting LISP to ML? Bah, I say! The chart is prejudiced against the unimplemented.
Seem to be more a history of their books.

Where the arrows stop doesn't seem to reflect anything but the latest O'Reilly book on the language.

C++ didn't fade away sometime after 2001....Nor did javascript / ECMAscript.

Isn't Actionscript an implementation of ECMAscript for Macromedia products? How does it rate an arrow of its own?

I know they are in the business of selling books, but this is a little too flawed to be treated as more than a [weak] conference freebie.
There's also an unexplained arrow leading from Haskell to CLOS, unless someone cares to enlighten me?
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