Robin Milner back in Edinburgh

Robin Milner has returned to Edinburgh as a visiting professor, and he just completed an enlightening series of lectures on bigraphs. This is how he began:
I always get nostalgic when I return to Edinburgh. On this visit, when I got off the train, a woman rushed up to me and asked "Are you Earnest?" I have a feeling that if I had said yes, I would be having a very good time right now.
(Audience rolls on the floor.)

I wonder how hard it is to pull off a joke like that...
But what did Milner say? The right answer is "Is it important?"
I always told you, Phil, my name was Ernest, didn’t I? Well, it is Ernest after all. I mean it naturally is Ernest.

Yes, I remember now that the General was called Ernest, I knew I had some particular reason for disliking the name.

Press Release

Ernest Waddler lands in Collie (Western Australia)

Renowned celebrity Ernest Waddler has landed in Collie. Ernest is a porcelain migratory duck who likes to travel from garden to garden meeting like moulded animals.

“I am really looking forward to my time in Collie” announced Ernest. “I hope that the people of Collie will allow me to stay in their gardens for a week and then move me to another garden” he said. “I really enjoy the company of gnomes and other wildlife”.

Ernest’s mission includes compiling a list of gardens that feature ornaments that will be provided to the Collie Mail in the first week of October 2010.

Ernest’s hosts are asked to write their name on a list that Ernest holds inside him as a memory of his journey.

However, Ernest’s Press Agent Mr Dinkum Blabber requested that Ernest’s location not be divulged by hosts until after Ernest has been moved on to another garden. “Ernest is actually quite shy, and likes to spend a full week with his hosts before being moved on” said Mr Blabber. “Also we don’t want other people moving him on” he said.

Photos of Ernest with his new friends may be sent to the Collie Mail, after he has moved on.

To date Ernest has spent one week in a garden in Wittenoom St.
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