Pillar of Cloud three months on - The Infographic

From Al Jazeera.

Three months after the last major Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip, the "period of calm" is only "calm" for Israel.

They deserve it. Gaza's people supports terroristic regime.
Why is this coming through on the Planet Haskell RSS ?
If you want to compare like with like, I guess it should say "rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel: 2, rocket attacks from Israel into Gaza: 0".

Israel attacking Gaza:
Would you fucking stop pushing your fucking politics on us poor Haskellers. Please.
It is unbecoming of a scientist to rely on Al-Jazeera, the known Muslim Brotherhood propaganda arm / HQ. You should make yourself familiar with the scientific method. You are being intellectually lazy, and that is not a good thing. Better be ignorant than believe in falsehoods and distorted half-truths.
Being intellectually lazy - I mean, you don't even ask a question, of those killed, how many of them were terrorists killed in action? Perhaps, all of them? Planting huge bombs on the border, to blow up the Israeli patrols on the other side, or shooting rockets into Israel, etc. How many of the "attacked" "fisherman" are in fact gunrunners for the terrorists? And if the Muslim Brotherhood HQ feed you this but say nothing of "fishermen" being killed, then what are those "attacks" that leave no one killed? Perhaps they are just routine inspections, to check for weapon smuggling? What is it that makes routine inspections into "attacks"? Why simple checkpoints are so "humiliating" for the touchy Arab soul? Is it the audacity of a Jewish People daring to defend themselves that drives the sensitive Arab psyche bonkers? You know that by Sharia Law a Jew hit by a Muslim has no right to hit back, and the punishment for hitting a Muslim is death for the Jew? Is that not the reason for the Muslim rage at the Jews daring to see themselves equal in worth as human beings, having the right to self-defense, as if they were equals of the Arabs? Hitting back?
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