The Monad Tutorial Fallacy

Brent Yorgey captures the problem with many monad tutorials: they start with monads, rather than with concrete examples of the abstraction that monads capture. Dan Piponi's introduction to monads avoids this pitfall, as does, I hope, my reprise of The First Monad Tutorial, to be presented at YOW! in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney next month.

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Part of the problem is that Haskell is a playground for exceptionally bright people, and people who play with extremely abstract and abstruse mathematical concepts. For an ordinary programmer, who is looking to get things done, a lot of the videos and writings of the really bright people simply give the feeling that "I am not smart enough to use this language."

For myself, I've resolved to ignore monads entirely and simply learn how to use Haskell, because if I try to get a grip on monads, I'm pretty sure I will never learn Haskell.
Turns out monads are indeed burritos: http://blog.plover.com/prog/burritos.html
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