A Links suggestion - help please!

I received the following excellent suggestion from Norman Ramsey.
Would someone care to contribute to the Links effort by putting together
the web page suggested? I'll then Link to it from my page. I'll implement
the suggestion myself when I get the time, but it would be wonderful to
have some participation from the wider community.

Norman writes:

I do have one somewhat diffident suggestion, however:
if some of the papers you mention are gathered onto a single web
page, it might make it more likely that people will have read them.

Easiest way I know of to create such a page: get a free CiteULike account in ~10 seconds and create a "Links" tag (think Gmail labels). Then you can create a link to the list as http://www.citeulike.org/user/wadler/tag/Links or what have you.
Another excellent service that allows one to collect links is del.icio.us. It takes a few seconds to create a (username, password) pair and it's free. I find its UI to be very clean and clear. But unlike CiteULike, del.icio.us is strictly for sharing URLs.
There's the beginning of a links page at http://durchholz.org/jo/links/wiki/Background/Papers.
I couldn't find Thiemann's paper on "generating multi-tier programs from a single source".
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