A better tube

Two alternatives to the traditional London Tube map, one closer to geographically acurate and one with distortion grid in the background.  Spotted on Boing Boing.



The City and The City

Looking forward to China Mieville's appearance at the Edinburgh Festival, my wife discovered that Edinburgh libraries have two listings for The City and The City: one with the title as expected, filed under Science Fiction, and one with the second half of the title backward (trying to emulate the mirror writing on the cover), filed under Crime.


Workers facing a bleak old age says pension review

Yesterday's news contained “a wake-up call” on the poor state of private pensions. My union is in dispute over changes to our pension plan (which affect new hires more severely than old folk like me). The government argues that public sector pensions need to change because they are out of line with provision in the private sector. But, as this report shows, the problem is not that public sector pensions are “gold plated” but that private sector pensions are woefully inadequate.

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