My First Type Theory

Who knew? Add eyeballs and rhymes, and type theory becomes cute! An introductory video by Arved Friedemann.

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Hokusai's "The Great Wave" recreated in Lego


Brilliant! Spotted via Boing-Boing.

Lego Certified Professional Jumpei Mitsui brought Hokusai's iconic ukiyo-e woodblock print "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" (c. 1829-1833) into the Lego realm. Marvel at this incredible work in Osaka's Hankyu Brick Museum.

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A Year of Radical No's

Sue Fletcher-Watson describes her plan for A Year of Radical No's and follows up with Nine Months of Saying No – an update. Thanks to Vashti Galpin for the pointer!

So my main fear was that this Strategic Leadership Course would try to feed me time management tips, taking up 6 precious days of my time, when what I need is just LESS WORK. Thank the lord, far from it. ... One session left a particularly strong impression on me.  We spent some focused time considering the work-life balance challenges of another person on the course, culminating in offering them some advice. My advice? Say No, for a whole year, to everything new. Conferences, training, collaborations, journal reviews, student supervisions, the whole lot. Their response? Laughter.  None of us could imagine doing such a thing.

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"This must be your first"

Zeynip Tufekci, writing in The Atlantic, explains why Trump's ludicrous attempt at a coup cannot be laughed away.

The next attempt to steal an election may involve a closer election and smarter lawsuits. Imagine the same playbook executed with better decorum, a president exerting pressure that is less crass and issuing tweets that are more polite. If most Republican officials are failing to police this ham-handed attempt at a power grab, how many would resist a smoother, less grossly embarrassing effort?

(Image from Tom the Dancing Bug.)

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A Tale of Two Pandemics

A Tale of Two Pandemics: A graphic summary explaining how and why communities of colour suffer more from Covid. Spotted via BoingBoing.

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