The Essence of Programming: Reynoldsfest at MFPS

Having just got back from the Reynoldsfest at MFPS, where part of the emphasis was on encouraging folk to look at Reynolds work, let me write down some of what was recommended.

My personal favorites:
Definitional Interpreters (this one changed my life when I was a graduate student)
Towards a Theory of Type Structure
Types, Abstraction and Parametric Polymorphism
The Essence of Algol
Syntactic Control of Interference
Three Approaches to Type Structure (tutorial)
The Discoveries of Continuations (history)

Some papers recommended by others:
The Craft of Programming (recommended by Cliff Jones)
Relating direct and continuation semantics (Filinski's favorite -- this one is tough going)
Separation Logic: A Logic for Shared Mutable Data Structures

Also, while I'm at it, let me recommend
You and Your Research, by Richard Hamming. Want to do Nobel-class research? It's not just a matter of luck. Here is a nuts and bolts guide, from the third winner of the Turing Award.

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