Instructionless learning about a complex device

If programming language design is to become a science as well as an art, we need to study psychology. This paper describes how subjects worked out (or failed to work out) how to guide 'BigTrak', a programmable toy.

Jeff Schrager and David Klahr, Instructionless learning about a complex device, International Journal of Man-Machine Studies 25(2):153-189, August 1986.

The link to their paper just leads to a pay-to-read science site. They have a version that's publicly available, right? Otherwise, why bother pointing to the article at all?
Here's a link to a freely-available version, Anonymous above:

Instructionless learning about a complex device.
Rather, that's a page of search results full of pay-to-read versions, bibliographic entries without the text, and a freely available copy of the abstract and table of contents for something with a similar name.
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