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Planet Haskell republishes the RSS feed of my blog. As some readers have noted, not all my posts relate to Haskell.  Planet Haskell approached me to ask if they could republish my blog. If you feel my ratio of interesting entries is inadequate, request the Planet Haskell administrators to remove me from syndication. I'm happy with whatever readers of Planet Haskell prefer.

Most Planet-like sites can use a tag-specific feed. Your Haskell posts could be tagged 'Haskell' and only those would go to Planet Haskell.
Thanks, Daniel. I will try to set tags accordingly. It might be appropriate for Planet Haskell to filter on the tags Haskell, Functional Programming, and Programming Languages, but I don't know how to set this up, or what filter, if any, the readers of Planet Haskell would prefer. Yours, -- P
I quite like the occasional "off-topic" entry on planets.

As long as they don't overtake the planet entirely, I think it is nourishing with a little diversity.

So I say keep going.
Yes, off-topic is fine for me too.
Yes, your blatant anti-semitism is rather annoying.
Sorry, I would have responded to the anti-semitism comment earlier but I was busy with shabbat dinner.
I'm utterly opposed to off-topic items. If I subscribe to Planet Haskell, I expect postings about Haskell. If I want interesting intelligent political comment etc. there are other feeds to which I can and do subscribe. Off topic is spam !
This is what the FAQ for Planet Haskell says:
"A common misunderstanding about Planet Haskell is that it republishes only Haskell content. That is not its mission. A Planet shows what is happening in the community, what people are thinking about or doing. Thus Planets tend to contain a fair bit of "off-topic" material. Think of it as a feature, not a bug."

People complaining about off-topic items should use a different aggregator. Certainly if a blog is almost entirely off-topic it should be requested to be removed but even then your blog would be justified by the following section:

"A syndication feed (RSS or Atom) is eligible to Planet if:

its content is written by a Haskell celebrity;
its content is written by someone who is active in the Haskell community;
it discusses Haskell-related matters frequently; or
it is dedicated to a Haskell topic (such as a software project written in Haskell);"

If you don't fall in at least the first category, then its hard to know who should.
(same anonymous as 8/3/13 7:15 one)
Ok, anti-Israelism, or anti-Zionism, it is hard to tell. Sounds rather dissonant though. "GADTs and abstraction", "Haskell EDSL", "Poor children of Palestine brutally murdered".
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