UK government to ban Greenpeace, Oxfam, Trade Unions

The Transparency of Lobbying Bill sounds innocuous but threatens to prevent any organisation, other than a political party, from taking a stand on any political issue in the year leading up to an election. It has received little scrutiny in the media, but may be passed as early as next week.

John Sauven, executive director of Greenpeace, said the bill is "the most pernicious assault on campaign groups in living memory".

Angela Eagle, shadow leader of the Commons, said "This bill amounts to a sinister gag on charities and campaigners in the year before the election."

Even the Electoral Commission, which would be charged with enforcing the law, writes:
the Bill creates significant regulatory uncertainty for large and small organisations that campaign on, or even discuss, public policy issues in the year before the next general election, and imposes significant new burdens on such organisations [emphasis in original]
Take action now, before this pernicious bill slips into law. Next week may be too late.

Write to your MP, via 38 Degrees
We urgently need your help to stop disastrous campaigning proposals, says NVCO
Coverage in The Guardian
Coverage in The Independent

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