Marking the Death of Zhi Min Soh

I slipped a couple of years ago on the tram tracks, a hundred meters from where this accident happened. I broke my little finger, Zhi Min Soh lost her life. Please consider attending tomorrow morning's event in her memory.
The death on Wednesday (31st May) of a young woman in Edinburgh on Wednesday has hit a nerve with cyclists across Scotland. She appears to have been killed after her bike slipped on the tram tracks on Princes Street.
Edinburgh’s tram tracks have been described as an accident waiting to happen from the moment they were unveiled. [H]undreds of cyclists have been injured from falls on the tracks, and thousands more have had close shaves. This Wednesday (7th June), at 8:30 am, cyclists in Edinburgh will be marking Zhi Min Soh’s death. There will be a short, respectful protest at the junction where she died, reflecting the emotion that has bubbled up in the days since this senseless death. Although we are not organising it, we fully support this action and ask anyone who can to come and join them, on bike or on foot, and whether you cycle or not.If you can attend, please make your way directly to Shandwick Place for 8:30 a.m. If you can, bring a sign or a placard letting people know what it is about. People will gather at the junction for a minute’s silence, and a lament from a piper to remember this death, and to ask for the City of Edinburgh to take action to ensure that it will be the last.

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Today sees a demonstration in Zih Min Soh's memory.

me: I'm going to the demo.
gf: Is that wise? Your hip replacement was 10 days ago.
me: I'm recovering quickly.
gf: You were in ER Sunday.
me: I'd feel a hypocrite if I didn't go.
my body: You must go to the toilet RIGHT NOW.
me: Maybe you're right, dear.

So I won't be there. Please tweet your photos and comments, so I can participate virtually!
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