Programming Language Popularity

A site that tracks popularity of Programming Languages. Many of my favorite languages appear on the list. Interesting to see that (for this week at least) the order is Scheme, Haskell, Smalltalk, Erlang, Scala, O'Caml.

Glad you like it. You can play with the numbers, and also compare with the 'talked about' list, which tends to be more of a leading indicator - because talk is cheap, whereas hiring and writing books most definitely aren't - I suppose.
It looks like it wants to be on a log scale.
How close is it to Zipf?
From the site: "Freshmeat is a good place to get data on open source projects that have passed the early stages and actually released something. These results most likely reflect differences in what people are paid to work with and what they choose to work with when they can choose. There were no freshmeat projects utilizing Cobol, for example, although it seems to fare decently in the other results."

Obviously, somebody needs to implement brainf*ck in COBOL and get it on freshmeat!
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