Masterminds of Programming wins JOLT award

Masterminds of Programming, edited by Federico Biancuzzi and Shane Warden, has just won a Jolt award. The book features interviews with the creators of many programming languages, including a chapter on Haskell with contributions from Paul Hudak, John Hughes, Simon Peyton Jones, and myself.

It's an ok book. I don't think a programmer learns much beyond "what were they thinking?". It is certainly a fun read, but the editing could have been better, and it seems like some of the transcription from what appears to be audio interviews to text went awry in places.

JOLT Awards requires any eligible candidates to pay a fee to be eligible. It is also not clear what the selection criteria for the winner is.

Might as well just write a blog post about what the current #1 Book in the Programming Languages category is on Amazon.com: "Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML" :)

I once had a winner of this award use it as "proof by authority" that he was an expert on the subject. I then bought his book and wrote him a detailed list of everything he wrote that was incorrect. He does not like me to this day.
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