Act now, or the NHS will be gone forever

Selected tweets from Ben Goldacre (of Bad Science fame):
that's from today's BMJ http://bit.ly/y0f4nM To be clear: the LibDems are voting for a bill to reduce NHS care and charge for services.

Today's #NHSbill technical must-read: it provides a legal basis to reduce care + charge for services bit.ly/y0f4nM

36 LibDem MPs on twitter who can vote against the disastrous #NHSbill. Here are their names. http://bit.ly/AlTfqx pls RT

It's quite clever. They're changing the law to make very bad things possible, but not planning to use it *yet* #NHSbill http://bit.ly/wT0Jdi

i feel a bit like, if you're not going to bother to help yourselves, nobody else should be arsed. seriously: what are you thinking?

The fact that every LibDem MP doesn't have 1,000 people turning up to their surgeries, camping and pooing on their lawn, is a shame to u all

The dismantling of the NHS, in front of your faces, is going to change your world in 10, 20 years. you've done nothing. bit.ly/wT0Jdi

i just feel like the #NHSbill is a real turning point in my disillusionment at the nation, rather than our politicians.

i'm writing all your names down, and the ones who do nothing about the #NHSbill today are banned from whining in 2028.

The NHS is a murdering disaster. It killed my mother. Get rid of is ASAP.
Grow up!
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