More empiricism!

Thanks to Matthias Felleisen, Shriram Krishnamurthi, and Kim Bruce, I can list more papers that apply empiricism to explore programming languages.

Some more references I am aware of:
- P. Hudak, M.P. Jones, Haskell vs. Ada vs. C++ vs. Awk vs. ... - An Experiment in Software Prototyping Productivity, July 1994 (DARPA, ONL, NSWC)
- L. Prechelt, An empirical comparison of C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Rexx, and Tcl, IEEE Computer, October 2000
- E. Gat, Lisp as an Alternative to Java, Intelligence, Winter 2000.
- M.T. Daly, V. Sazawal, J.S. Foster, Work in Progress: an Empirical Study of Static Typing in Ruby, PLATEAU Workshop 2009.
- S. Hanenberg, An Experiment About Static and Dynamic Type Systems, OOPSLA 2010.
Look at the PLATEAU workshop series of papers.


PLATEAU 2012 will also be on again at SPLASH this year too.

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