A student's case

A student's letter in The Saint makes the case for Independence concisely and eloquently. Thank you, Ashley Husband Powton.
Regardless of which party is elected in 2015, Labour and Tories alike are thirled to a destructive neo-liberal agenda and committed to a merciless programme of greater austerity which punishes the poor and most vulnerable in society.

For supporters of independence, a yes-vote is about rejecting the indefensible and reprehensible status quo and opting for a different future.

It is a rejection of the hostile and increasingly right-wing policies of Westminster governments.

It is about creating a more equal and just society, reversing the trend of an ever increasing gap between the richest and the poorest.

It is demanding an alternative to rule by a rich and privileged elite.

It is about ensuring that Scotland is never again subject to the damaging policies of governments it did not vote for.

It is about planning our own positive and constructive role on the European and international stages, free from xenophobia and military aggression.

The real independence debate can be summed up by asking the following: ‘What sort of society do we want in Scotland, and who is more likely to deliver it, Westminster or an independent Holyrood?’.
The letter was one of two in The Saint, published in response to an article by an academic on the 'No' side. If you want a case for No, the other letter makes it concisely (and far better than the original article).

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That's a particularly poor argument in favour of independence. It arises entirerly from political ideology, as opposed to from any notion of Scottish nationhood.
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