Perl 6 in Haskell (PUGS)

While I'm on the subject of Perl and functional languages, here's another message from Will Partain. Of course, his implication in the first paragraph that I would already know of such a thing is completely wrong -- Will is my lifeline for learning this stuff.

Phil, you _probably_ know but just in case: this Autrijus Tang has
been making waves in Perl land, by *actually doing something* about
Perl 6 -- in Haskell! Relevant message below.

As you also probably know, Perl 6 is undergoing the most drawn out
design process in history :-) and the implementation people seem to do
nothing but tweak their VM (Parrot), usually to support Intercal or
something. Autrijus has broken the cycle. (Whether it will be
sustained is another matter.)


PS: Damian is, of course, the "how to write Perl in Latin" guy.


From: Damian Conway
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.lang.perl.perl6.language
Subject: Kudos to Autrijus
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 11:02:27 +1100

It's been mentioned to me that some folks were surprised that the design team
hasn't been more effusive in it's support for the incredible job that Autrijus
is doing prototyping the Perl 6 interpreter over the top of Haskell.

We had thought that answering his questions about 1000 times faster and much
more extensively that we ever answer anyone else's (;-) might have indicated
how much respect and admiration we have for the work he's doing. But
apparently not.

So let me publicly state that Larry, Allison, Patrick, Luke, Hugo, chromatic,
and myself find Autrijus's work both amazing and amazingly useful: as a way of
exploring the deeper design and implementation issues, and also as a way for
people to start playing with (and experiencing the real power of) Perl 6.

Well done, Autrijus!


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