Real-World Haskell

A forthcoming O'Reilly book on Haskell, by Bryan O’Sullivan, Don Stewart and John Goerzen. Interestingly, O’Reilly has agreed to publish chapters online, under a Creative Commons License. (Great that they managed to achieve this, O'Reilly was reluctant to consider something similar when Maurice and I proposed it for our book.)

Oreilly learnt the lesson from the popular "Practical Lisp" book by Apress.

OReilly Inc had earlier mentioned that they don't want anyone sending book proposals for books on languages like Lisp and then this Apress book was for a while in the Top 5 Computer books in Amazon.

Though Oreilly claims and acts like an innovative publishing company they still aren't better than Textbook outfits like Addison Wesley and Prentice Hall who overprices books by 200% or more
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