On Extending Wand’s Type Reconstruction Algorithm to Handle Polymorphic Let

Years ago, I asked Mitch Wand whether it was possible to extend his lovely constraint-based inference algorithm to handle polymorphic let. Now Sunil Kothari and James Caldwell have done just that. (François Pottier has also done nice work along these lines, which these authors don't cite.)

Postscript: Didier Rémy writes to let me know that the material in François Pottier's notes that I cite above also appears in a definitive textbook form: François Pottier and Didier Rémy. The Essence of ML Type Inference. In Benjamin C. Pierce, editor, Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages, Chapter 10, pages 389-489, MIT Press, 2005. Didier confirms that this work subsumes the work of Kothari and Caldwell.

Is this work published?

-- Paul
Yes, the work will be presented at Computability in Europe 2008 conference.

We were aware of the Pottier and Remy work
but due to strict page limitation of 10 page limit it was very unfortunate that their reference was not cited. They have been cited in our other publications.

If you are interested, there's another paper titled "On Desugaring Polymorphic Lets", which has been submitted to TFP'08
This looks interesting and
very close to

[July 2007] HM(X) Type Inference is CLP(X) Solving
Martin Sulzmann and Peter J. Stuckey
To appear in Journal of Functional Programming

Peter and I show that the entire HM(X) type inferencer (including let -polymorphism) can be rephrased in terms of CLP(X) solving
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