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I haven't had the time to read this yet, but it seems worth a look. Includes articles by Andy Hopper, Jeanette Wing, Thomas Henziger, Ronald Rivest, and Robin Milner, among others.

I would invite you to boycott papers that are only available for money. Public funding goes into many such papers, and the public can't actually access them.

Please at least mention that you need to pay to view the papers when you link to the papers.

A Caring Reader.
I have to agree, I'm afraid.
Several times I have wanted to follow up an interesting link on this blog, only to encounter the dreaded 'acm portal'
Most folk reading this blog will belong to institutions that pay ACM for access, or will be members of the ACM. For those that aren't, the ACM has a policy that authors may repost the paper on their own site. In such cases, feel free to add a comment with a link to the publicly available version of the paper.

Producing high-quality publications requires resources. If its free, it may be worth what you pay for it.

That said, the trend is certainly toward open source and creative commons licensing, and I think that is a good thing.
I used to belong to such an institution (the University of Salford). I could not access papers written by my boss about my work unless I was within the University's network. And now I cannot access them at all.

I don't doubt that producing these publications requires resources. The public funds a lot of them.

I personally find many papers hard to read, so it's hard to know in advance whether it's worth it for me to contact the authors to ask for a free version of the paper.

It seems fundamentally wrong to charge for access to what the public has funded, to me, at least beyond the cost of providing access.

By the way, your Dyn type just made it into the feature list for C# 4!
some speaker's talks are available from the event site as pdfs (although some don't have .pdf on the file name which freaks out lame-butt os's like mac or widows, hurl.)
Sadly, I can't read this paper too. I am not in Academia anymore.
It would be nice if you can at least mention in your blog that membership is required to read a link that you write about. Two more words shouldn't take much of your time. But readers of your blog (which you publish for free!) would cherish your gesture.

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