LaTiKi, a Wiki for LaTeX

Stuart Beard has been developing LaTiKi, a Wiki for LaTex, as a UG4 project under my supervision. He writes as follows:
I am pleased to announce that LaTiKi is now available as a public beta.

LaTiKi accepts LaTeX syntax as input rather than the wiki syntax that is standard across many wiki implementations. This Wiki enables LaTeX users to collaborate on papers, edit, and track each paper. It is entirely based upon the open-source and widely used platform MediaWiki. I am looking for interested users to contribute, try out how well the system works and how useful the system really is. I also hope that any major underlying bugs are identified.

I have prepared a sandbox wiki with some of Philip Wadler's papers on the site to demonstrate how the system works. Note that to be able to edit papers on the sandbox you MUST sign up to the site and confirm your email address. This is available at http://www.stuartbeard.com/wiki.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

If any readers are interested in this project and would like to do a similar thing with their own papers then a tarball is available at http://www.stuartbeard.com/projects.

There's also the great gitit project, if you're looking for a straight-forward latex wiki.

It's written in Haskell using a version control system as the backend, and accepting input in latex and many other things.


It's a great project, and I use gitit every day.
Found this as well.


I liked the concept of LaTiKi, however having a "wiki" based upon PDF pages turns me off (since I for one refuse to use a plugin to view web pages it results in me having to download each page of the wiki manually).
That's an excellent idea. I wonder though whether MediaWiki/LaTiki could be hacked to offer both pdf and also html output, e.g., via HeVeA or similar rendering engines.
Visually it would be more beneficial to have both HTML and PDF output, the former for online viewing, and the latter for offline viewing.

I understand the concerns regarding the use of a plugin to view the files. However, other than using HTML or rendering to an image format each time (which would complicate any linking structure in the document), there is little alternative.

Regarding the other projects: these look fantastic. I shall try them out properly myself when I have a few spare moments.

Many thanks for your comments, suggestions and feedback. Keep trying it out - LaTiKi is still in its early stages.
This is very cool, and can be genuinely useful.
Hi to all..

I've installed MediaWiki/Latiki but it doesnt work properly!

It shows the latex code, but PDF not. The compilation is working, because If I make a mistake in Latex code it warns me!!

Please, could you help me??

Thanks a lot
Sure, of course.

In the installation guide there should be some code that you need to copy into the localsettings.php file this is at the end of the file.


$wgUseTeX = false;
$wgAntivirus = 'clamav';
$wgAntivirusRequired = false; /* There will be issues with uploads if it is set to true. */

require_once( "$IP/extensions/latexwiki/LatexWiki.php" );

$wgEnableUploads = true;
$wgUseImageMagick = true;
$wgImageMagickConvertCommand = "/usr/bin/convert";
$wgUploadDirectory = "documents/";
$wgUploadPath = $wgUploadDirectory;
$wgFileExtensions = array_merge($wgFileExtensions, array('doc', 'xls', 'mpp', 'pdf', 'cls'));

#Enable AJAX Searching.
$wgUseAjax = true;
$wgEnableMWSuggest = true;


This code should resolve your problem
Dear Stuart,

I inserted that code before write the comment. I found an INSTALL.TXT file and I Ifollowed the instructions (including that code)...

but It doesnt work!!

Please, can you visit my latiki and try to see what is happening??

My email address is garanda@us.es

Thanks in advance!
All is working properly noW!!

Just take care about CACHE!!

Hi, I'm interesting in this project. I would like to complete it adding multiuser edit with latex (through section tag) and more things. It's for an academic project, I hope not to disturb you very much.
How can this project be extended to add multiuser editing?
How can I install LaTeX on my website like you have on the TeXer and your message board?
you need PDFLatex!
Mathieu Plourde, LMS Project Leader for the University of Delaware shares ideas and innovative uses of the wiki on his campus. At the 10th Sakai Conference '09 in Boston, MA, Mathieu talks about how a math professor uses the LaTeX function in the wiki. Here's that professor's suggestion for improvements
Comments made ??about the issues impressed me. I like your site.
Fue Saç Ekimi seyrantepe
You can actually just take MediaWiki the way it is an compile the wikicode to LaTeX like this

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