Apple bans Scratch from iPhone and iPad

Apple has locked down the iPhone and iPad to a tiny set of languages (C, C++, Objective C, and Javascript), and has followed up by banning interpreters for the child-friendly programming language Scratch. A black day for programming language designers.

I wish people would realize the importance of SOFTWARE FREEDOMS.

I'm glad that apple is making it apparent that software freedom is a valuable thing.
Have you considered writing an open letter to Jobs, along with other prominent PL researchers? I think it could help...
It is sad seeing this happening: Scratch is pulled (although, according to discussions on LtU, Scratch already violated the previous version of the developer agreement), and Gambit Scheme is in danger too.

I am worried what happens if this kind of lock down becomes a norm, and I think it is a good thing if PL researchers make some statement together.
bad for many programmers but very bad for virus programmers!!! :P
Nice article and thanks to apple -
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