Science is Vital

My colleague, Maria Wolters, writes:
I'd also like to mention the Science is Vital campaign, which is orchestrated by biomedical researchers but aims to be as inclusive as possible. There will be a march in London on October 7, a letter writing campaign, and potentially much more ... I know it's incredibly tempting not to do anything because politicians don't listen anyway, but if we don't complain loudly enough now, we might as well stick a sign on our backs saying "Doormats - If You Need Funds, Take Them From Us."

why dont you brilliant scientists think that you can earn the money neccessary for your research? why do you think you need government handouts (funds) for your research? aren't you capable of devising products of your research which will earn you returns without begging for forced funds (money printed or taxed from ppl with no direct interest).?
Is science so vital that you advocate throwing people in jail who do not wish to voluntarily pay for it (i.e. tax people)?
Go away, idiot.
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