For 9/11

By Kyle Dettman. Spotted on Boing Boing.

Yeah, it's always a shame when people take advantage of a tragedy (or anniversary thereof) to push a political viewpoint [cough].

Maybe this would have been appropriate on the anniversary of the Iraq invasion? A few thousand civilians did lose their lives on 9/11. This graphic is an ugly hyper-politicization which prioritizes the memory of the abuse of their memory over their actual memory.
Exactly, you leftist anti-American.
thanks for posting this. it's a good reminder.
Dan, although your position is very respectable, I think the point of this graphic is not to blur the memory of the 9/11 tragedy. I see it rather like a reminder that we tend to blindly obey to politicians if we feel they can protect us against a threat. And blindly obeying to anyone is not being a good civilian.
The RIGHTS of people, including honest people, around the world have been seriously reduced since 9/11, and a lot of people (including me) think that it's not acceptable.
I'm always cautious of historic quotes used for rhetoric, but for any other skeptics like myself, Snopes confirms this one:

Snopes: Hermann Goering
I'm sure some of those civilians lost in the 9/11 attacks felt the same way you do. Yet, we are just over ten years since the attack, and we have yet to be attacked again. What have you lost? Maybe we have lost your idealistic world where we do not security? I will take that trade. I'm not saying the government is always right. But, given I have a choice between a plane with no security procedures, or even the old ones, and our new systems, my family and I will be standing in line to be groped by TSA, along with everyone else on board. It blows my mind how people find security more a nuisance than losing American lives. Wake up.
The problem is getting organized outside government. Proper organization involves the ability to communicate information, analyze important situations and bring force to on the situation affecting members. Historically in the West, this has been a church function, independent of theology. It also involved guilds, commercial networks and a few other kinds of organization to a lesser extent.

Today we have many churches, none with much ability to affect society. Corporations, unions, professional organizations, scientific societies, service organizations and many other groups serve to some extent, but none can stand up to government alone the way the church did in early Europe.

Decay is falling into a single national organization which is invariably the government no matter what form government takes. In early Europe it was feudalism and at times the government and the church was conjoined in many matters. Today it is the conjunction of the government, the single institution which can legitimately use force, and the corporations, which presents the most threat to most people.

Unions have been defeated, churches are not sufficiently joined, and the power lies with two established political parties financed and serving corporations. The two parties are now duking it out.

Nothing unfavorable to corporations or established government can appear in corporate media, which controls the thinking of most people. When one party gains dominance, we will be very near the form of government called fascism. Poverty for most, endless wars, and persecution of those who do not toe the line will be the result. This is already the condition in much of the world
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