Tsuru Capital, Haskellers @ Gonpachi

Clearing my desk, I spotted a souvenir of an event I had meant to blog at the time. Tsuru Capital is a financial firm specialising it automated trading.
At the moment our focus is mainly on option market-making strategies in active listed markets. Our edge is in superior strategies and efficient low latency execution. We use the Haskell programming language almost exclusively since we believe it gives the best combination of high-level cleanliness, execution safety and high performance.
Similar to Jane Street, but newer and smaller, with OCaml replaced by Haskell. Tsuru kindly sponsored a reception for the Haskell community during ICFP, on Wednesday 21 September 2011. Judging by the quantity and quality of sushi on offer, they are doing well in their early days. The reception was held at Gonpachi, which I'm told is the inspiration for the restaurant scene in Kill Bill.

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