Lambda Calculus, Then and Now, by Dana Scott

Last May, I was honoured to be invited to speak at Princeton's Turing Centennial Celebration.  My talk was scheduled between Dana Scott and Leslie Valiant.  Dana's talk was not an easy act to follow.  The talk summarises the history of lambda calculus from 1930 to the present, a resource for future scholars.  I'm pleased that a version is now available.  Dana asked me to indicate he would be pleased to receive any suggestions or criticisms.

Do you know when the videos of the talks from the Princeton Turing Centennial Celebration will be available? The web site indicated they'd be on iTunes "next month", but that was last month...
Recently, I've often argued that software real do need calculus: the Lambda Calculus, not the integral calculus.

Similarly, we need algebra: Boolean algebra!
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