This Land is Mine, by Nina Paley

Nina Paley, creator of Sita Sings the Blues and Copying is not Theft, has a new project.  You may want a scorecard.  Share and enjoy!

This is very bad video. Very very bad. It oversimplifies things to the point where its oversimplification is indistinguishable from distortion and falsification. And these are the gravest offenses against the Freedom of the Thought - Rational, informed Thought.

For if you feed yourself false and partial inputs, you can't possibly hope to arrive at the right conclusions. And if you do this to others, well then you make it impossible for them, thus disqualifying any their future attempts at understanding, tainting their efforts, stealing the Truth from them.

(obviously I don't mean _you_, it's a rhetorical device - here it means the author of that video).

Very bad indeed.
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