Status Report 3

I have a date for keyhole surgery to remove my kidney: Tuesday 17 March. This fits what I was told previously, so all is to schedule. Recovery time is likely to be four weeks. I expect to be in hospital until Monday 23 March: visitors most welcome! Please call the Western General, or Level 4 office has my contact details.

My liver biopsy took place on Thursday 19 February; the hardest part was to lie still for six hours after. I had meetings with my infectious disease doctor on Wednesday 25 February and with my cardiologist on Monday 2 March. My endocarditis is clear, but will need to be monitored once a year. The biopsy shows a deposit of amyloid protein; experts are being consulted, but it has no effect on my surgery. My thanks to all my doctors and the staff at the Western General, who have been excellent.

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Ack! They shaved the hair shirt?
Good Luck Professor Wadler. My Father had a kidney removed a year or two ago. When he went in the consultant asked him about what he ate and drank. Well, he said, before I retire every night I have a tot of Laphroaig. In that case, said the consultant, waving her finger in his face as she spoke, remember it's very important that you don't stop.
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