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Sky Welch's Fractal Maps updates Alasdair Corbett's Mandelbrot Maps. It renders faster, and displays the two curves side-by-side (rather than displaying one large and one tiny). Mandelbrot Maps is the most popular Mandelbrot app in Google Play, with over 10,000 downloads. I expect Fractal Maps to catch up soon. Try it today! (Disclaimer/boast: both Sky and Alasdair produced their software as part of UG4 projects under my supervision.)

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I just wanted to send a brief note, to say that I am delighted to see that (seven years on!) the legacy from Mandelbrot Maps continues to inspire future students.

I was pleased to learn how popular and widespread Alasdair's Android port of Mandelbrot Maps has become on the Google Play Store. I am also very impressed with the new app - Sky has done a great job improving the Android app, and I have been very much enjoying using the new Fractal Maps app.
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