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Scottish elections take place on 5 May 2016.

The Scottish Government have set a target of 10% of all trips by foot or bicycle, but less than 2% of the Scottish travel budget goes to 'active travel' (the buzzword for getting from one place to another minus a motor). We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote and Spokes suggest you ask your candidate to pledge the following:
To raise the share of the transport budget spent on walking and cycling to 10% over the course of the next parliament.
See the pages linked above for more info, including hustings you can attend to put the question to your local candidates. A don't forget to Pedal on Parliament on 23 April 2016.

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Perhaps it's a tactical choise to leave this out, but cycling and public transport support each other. Number of cars owned should be minimised (see mobility-as-a-service) especially when fuel, road toll and parking costs are not high enough to limit the amount of driving. Less driving leaves more resources for cycling.
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