Every Proof Assistant

Andrej Bauer writes:
For a while now I have been contemplating a series of seminars titled "Every proof assistant" that would be devoted to all the different proof assistants out there. Apart from the established ones (Isabelle/HOLCoqAgdaLean), there are other interesting experimental proof assistants, and some that are still under development, or just proofs of concept. I would like to know more about them, and I suspect I am not the only one. 

Getting the authors of proof assistants to travel to Ljubljana and giving talks at our Foundations of mathematics and theoretical computer science seminar has largely become impossible. But luckily research seminars world-wide are rapidly moving online, and so is our Foundations seminar. I am therefore delighted to announce the first "Every proof assistant" seminar. ... 

I have a couple more in the pipeline, so follow this blog, the Foundations seminar announcements or my Twitter account @andrejbauer.

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