Nick Hanauer’s TED Talk on Income Inequality

Nick Hanauer has accused TED of censorship for failing to post his talk arguing that low taxes on the 1% do not foster job creation.  Censorship is a bit harsh---failing to give someone billing is not censorship---but it may well be correct to say that TED failed to post it for fear of offending its affluent attendees.  After the fuss, TED released the video on YouTube, but not on their home page, and not up to their usual production standards.  I think it deserves a broader audience, so I post it here.   A short five minutes of sense.  Background on the argument at Salon and full text of the presentation at The Atlantic.  Thanks to Maurice Naftalin for bringing this to my attention.

I would think claiming that TED is censoring its talks is a bit extreme, especially given that previous talks on precisely the same subject have been uploaded. For instance, this.
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